Canadian Reconciliation Barometer Project Information for Co-Organizers

Thank you for your interest in helping organize meetings as part of the Canadian Reconciliation Barometer project!  Below is some more information about what we ask of our organizers in each location.  

Our plan is to hold two focus groups: one of 6-8 non-Indigenous participants and one of 6-8 Indigenous participants.  We may also interview a few other people, if appropriate. 

We are asking our organizing partners to:

a) Decide on possible dates (one or two days) during which we could run two three-hour meetings and possibly also schedule a small number of interviews.  Please also advise the times that would be best to hold these, based on what you might know about the schedules of the people you suggest for the invitation list.

b) Populate a spreadsheet (we will send a template) with the names and contact information for the potential participants.  Please list approximately 10-12 Indigenous people and another 10-12 non-Indigenous people who have devoted themselves to reconciliation efforts.  If possible, please be mindful of listing people of various genders and ages.  In compiling the list, we also ask you to identify people who may best be interviewed individually, for reasons such as holding a position of power that might significantly impact the group discussion dynamics. 

c) Find a venue or suggest some possible venues.  We can pay for the venue if necessary, but are hoping that there may be a suitable venue that we can use that does not cost.  Our most basic room requirements are that the room is quiet, as we will be audio and video recording the sessions, and set up so that two researchers could meet with 6-8 other people around a table of some kind.  Our ideal space, though, would have a round table, be accessible to participants (both in terms of transportation and abilities), and be an appropriate space for possible smudging.

d) Decide if it would be appropriate to have an Elder present.  It can be helpful to have an Elder present for our Indigenous meetings, but would prefer not to have one present for the non-Indigenous meetings, because the presence of an Indigenous person and particularly an Elder affects the conversation. 

e) Identify an Elder we may contact if the answer to “d” is yes.  You may also contact the Elder on our behalf if you would prefer to do that.

f) Participate in one of the groups, if you interested in doing so.  We ask that you participate in the group that aligns best with your identity, either the non-Indigenous group or the Indigenous group.

g) Suggest any catering services that might be appropriate (see “b” below).


We will:

a) Contact participants to invite them to participate.  We will manage all correspondence.  To start, we’ll write those on the list about the project and given them the opportunity to complete an information and consent form and a brief demographic survey online, which will also serve as registration for the groups.  We will limit the groups to eight participants each and registration will therefore be on a first sign-up basis.

b) Contact the Elder, if it would be appropriate to have an Elder participate and you would rather we do that.

c) Arrange for catering.  Depending on the time, it may be snacks or a meal.  We’d appreciate any tips for an appropriate (preferably Indigenous) catering service, but can also do our own investigative work.  We will try to accommodate food sensitivities and allergies.

d) Lead the discussions. 

e) Potentially interview a small number of people.

f) Provide a small gift to participants.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions! And thank you for considering co-organizing with us!